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We interrupt our normal home page with this important message:


resistance is not futile

In the past, the US has protested human rights  violations.

Now our abuse of bona fide refugees is an atrocity.

The government calls this an immigration deterrent - we call it cruelty.

This horrific policy does not reflect our values.

Please join us in taking action:

1. Call Congress - find your rep here.  Tell them to reform immigration policies

2.  Join Protests - find one here.   And if you don't see one, organize one!

3. Donate to organizations the US border practices

For suggestions, check out Charity Navigator.

4. Vote!  Here's information about your state.

Fund Raiser Bake Sale!


We're having a bake sale to raise money - but we're using our kiln for an oven.

Donate $26 and get a Liberty mug!

100% of proceeds donated to reunite separated families.

Keep on rocking in the free world, dudes.

Thanks for standing loud & strong for those who can't.

Cat Clay

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