Picture pots use pottery as a canvas - either a piece we made, or a vintage / upcycled item. 

Then we design an image for the piece and

fire it on at 1900 degrees. 

The resulting picture pot is food-safe, but like fine china, should be hand-washed. 

That way, you can see Miss Clifton's image

on the bottom!

David Bowie tumbler saint


We have 2 new sizes of tumblers -

perfect for your favorite beverages.

Tall tumblers and wine cups.

Of course, you have your choice of images & colors.

$26 each.

Let's start sipping! 

David Bowie pins magnets flair mugshot


pins & magnets

Time for some flair, dudes!

Each month, we'll be introducing a new mugshot

pin & magnet.

And the first is - of course - David Bowie.

But who will be next? 

Prince & Garcia!

Furryosa web.jpg

Pop Vintage

Cat Clay specializes in re-firing vintage china

in our kiln -

with custom designed pop images. 

The resulting muted colors and sepia image

create a new functional piece,

for a new generation of users.

Tumbling Tumblers

We're not just selling tumblers -

we're giving them away.

The past year has taken a toll on civil conversation.

Our new project, Tumbling Tumblers, aims to take baby steps in making us a kinder, more polite society.

Every month, we'll give away a tumbler to a stranger.

They'll use it for one month, then give it to a stranger.

Chat, sip, repeat.

octopus tumbler free giveaway

Cat Clay

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