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Miss Clifton, founder & president of Cat Clay,

looks forward to meeting you soon!

Our Work


Cat Clay makes both pottery and sculpture, under the able direction of our founder & president, Clifton Wood.


Our picture pots tell stories, with images that we design and fire onto the piece at 1900 degrees.  Picture pots feature pieces that we made as well as vintage china.


We enjoy designing pots that solve every-day problems, like holding string, separating eggs or growing catnip.


Our sculpture is very whimsical and is almost totally obsessed with kitties.


In addition, we're honored to make funeral urns for pets who have stepped on a rainbow.




Our Background


Clifton Wood is  a gorgeous calico, rescued as a teacup kitten when she was 5 weeks old.  Sabra wood is her mediocre servant and sole employee.


For unfathomable reasons, Sabra's lengthy bio follows.  Trust us, Miss Clifton's would be much more interesting.


1950 - 1968 Grew up in Detroit, Michigan.


1968 - 1979 Got over-educated at University of Michigan. Thank god for in-state tuition and a great campus.


1973 - 2001 Worked for several large corporations as a business person and CPA.


1990 - Founded a swell charity, Sample Soap, which NEVER asks for money. We won a Nation Make-a-Difference Day award, appeared on a syndicated quiz show and in People Magazine. Big Whoop! See


2001 - 2005 - Developed organic brain disease, which ended my corporate career. Returned to clay, taking elective classes at Rochester Institute of Technology and working in others' studios.


2006 - Founded Cat Clay in the historic Hungerford Building.


2011 - Began making picture pots, with custom-designed images fired onto my own pieces and vintage china


2013 - Introduced mugshot line, with actual mugshot images of musicians and other celebrities fired onto - wait for it - mugs.


Cat Clay

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