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March First Friday - 3/1  

 Closed for Birthday!

cake on plate.jpg

Beckett is a very generous CEO.


Nonetheless, it's amazing that she's giving

Sabra the night off.


Yes, it's Sabra's birthday.

But doesn't Beckett toil during her own?




See you in April, a year older, but not wiser.


April  First Friday - 4/5

Rando Acts of Clay Sale

april fool.jpg

Call me a fool - but it's time for a fun sale!


It's a rando discount!


Visit Cat Clay on First Friday and

pick out some white mugs or pop vintage plates & bowls.

Then we'll run the random number generator

for your personal discount.


It's guaranteed to be 10 - 50% off. 




May First Friday - 5/3

Art for Action!

Cat Clay will be part of Art for Action / Hungerford United.


20 studios will each pick a cause to champion & give back to our community.


Bring unopened toiletries - full or sample size - for our own Sample Soap!


Cat Clay is celebrating the Dalai Kitten's birthday - Beckett!!


50% of white cat mugs and pop vintage plates & bowls will be donated to the Pet Adoption Network, a no-kill kitty shelter.


Save a kitty, save the world - donate some wet cat food and spare change.  Fostering is expensive.  We appreciate your help - so you'll get some swag!


Cat Clay

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