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Tired of Winter?  Feeling worn out & chilled?  We're here to help!

Our FIFTH annual art invitational

honoring those harbringers of Spring, insects!

Opening & closing party

Friday, April 7th

5 - 9 pm

Additional parking at

credit union & greenovation.


Please don't park in front of

Happy Feet -  a giant

bug will devour your car!!

Spring is in the air, and soon bugs will be flying, crawing & creeping once again.


Come see insect-inspired works by these swell artists!

Gretchen Arnold

Chris Charles

Jenna Consiglio

Rachel Dow

William Downs

Lauren Fulkerson

Jenn Libby

Rebecca Lomuto

Christine Meyer

Anna Overmoyer

Joseph Paladino

Janet Pelechaty

Becky Riedman

Victoria Savka

Danielle Schnauber

Drew Tetz

And her royal bugginess, Beckett Wood

Visit our Face Book event to see images of our buggy art!

Our guest artists receive 100% of their sales

Cat Clay

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